What to bring before you leave

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Mobile Phone

If you have a mobile phone at home bring it with you as you may be able to buy a new SIM card (Telstra Next G) and use it in your phone from home.  If you are planning on purchasing a mobile phone whilst in Australia, we ask you to only buy a Telstra Next G.  Many places within country Australia do not support other networks so phones such as Optus will not work. Telstra have phone and SIM card packs to buy for as little as $59-99.  The phones are basic but they come with around $10 of prepaid credit which you can top up.


Computer access is available at some placements although we do advise trainee's to bring their own laptop.  We advise you to purchase a Telstra Next G Internet USB stick on arrival in Australia as even if you don't use it at your placement you will use it once you leave your placement and are holidaying.  Having your own laptop means you can Skype home at your own leisure.  We find this is also easier on our hosts as well . Some placements will provide you with internet access and some will allow internet use at a small cost.  Trainee's will need to read their individual Placement Advice to see what is applicable to their property.

International Driving Permit

To participate in the IRE program you are required to have an International Driving Permit before you arrive in Australia. You can obtain this at your local licensing department.  Please ensure you have this before you depart your home country.

Bring some Culture

It's always great when you bring something along from your home country which show us a little bit about where you are from. This may be something small like coins or a collection of pictures.  IRE and your host families love seeing where you come from and finding out about what matters to you.  Most trainee's also bring a small present from home for their hosts.  This is a nice gesture and greatly appreciated by your hosts.

Passport and Visa

Don't forget your passport and a copy of your visa to carry with your passport.  Whilst your visa is electronic it is still advisable to have a copy of this on you.

Arrival Details

Once your flights are booked IRE need a copy of both arrival and departure flights as we need to know when you are entering and departing Australia.  This is very important as we need to make sure both you and your hosts are organised for your arrival in Australia.

IIRE will organise either your host to pick you up from the airport or alternative travel arrangements to the farm.  You should have all the information before you arrive which would have been given to your home organisation, however if circumstances have changed and you are unsure please contact us and we can advise you correctly.

Inside Australia Phone Numbers

Going Overseas: 1800 815 123

Host and trainees: 1300 730 737

General: 08 9064 7411

Email: info@ire.org.au

Outside Australia Phone Numbers

Phone: +61 8 9064 7411

Fax: +61 8 9064 7422

Email: info@ire.org.au

Postal Address

PO Box 92


WA 6369


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