IRE Program

IRE is a work experience/cultural exchange training programme.  It was started in 1986, by a board of farmers run as International Rural Exchange which was operated by ACW (Inc) until December, 2011.  IRE is now run and operated by the National Co-ordinator, Narelle Vaughan under the name, IRE Agricultural Worldwide.

IRE works to provide rural training opportunities for youth coming to Australia.  We work with approximately 35 overseas partners and bring around 270 trainees into Australia and send approximately 35 overseas every year.  IRE is supported by a nationwide network of over 220 hosts in broad acre and intensive crops, horticulture, dairy, sheep, beef, pigs, equine and mechanics.

IRE has 5 main goals which we work towards achieving effectively.

  • We strive to promote, encourage, oversee, administer and conduct an international training program of a work experience/cultural exchange nature.
  • We aim to maintain a healthy relationship with Australian Immigration for access to appropriate cultural exchange visas.
  • We work to oversee and maintain a network of overseas partners.
  • We encourage young Australians to undertake overseas work experience and travel as part of life and career preparation.
  • We aim to provide good host placements, ensuring these are screened, fully informed and able to offer good work experience and training for agricultural trainees entering Australia.

We provide successful orientation seminars and supervision of inbound trainees as well as promotion and screening of outbound trainees.

Inside Australia Phone Numbers

Going Overseas: 1800 815 123

Host and trainees: 1300 730 737

General: 08 9064 7411


Outside Australia Phone Numbers

Phone: +61 8 9064 7411

Fax: +61 8 9064 7422


Postal Address

PO Box 92


WA 6369


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