Facts about Australia

  1. australia-mapCovering a total area of 7.96 million square kilometres, mainland Australia is the world's largest island but it is the smallest continent.

  2. Canberra is the capital of Australia.

  3. There are around 27,000 plant species in Australia.

  4. We have around 2800 species of Eucalypts and 1000 species of acacia.

  5. Australia's tallest trees can be found in the South- West of Western Australia in the Valley of the Giants.

  6. Australia has more than 378 mammal species, 828 bird species, 4000 fish species, 300 species of lizards, 140 snake species, 2 crocodile species and around 50 types of marine mammal.

  7. More than 80% of our plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs are unique to Australia, you would not find them anywhere else.

  8. There are approximately 134,000 farm businesses in Australia, 99% of which are Australian owned.


  9. Each Australian Farmer produces enough food to feed 600 people – 150 at home and 450 overseas.

  10. Australian farmers produce nearly 93% of Australia's daily domestic food supply.

  11. On average Australian farmers export 60% of what they grow and produce.

  12. Australian farmers produce enough food to feed 60 million people.

  13. There are approximately 43,736 farms in Australia producing beef cattle.

  14. Australian beef cattle farmers produce 2.1 million tonne of beef and veal each year.


  15. The Australian beef industry contributes to 17% of total Australian exports.

  16. Australians eat an average of 33kg of beef and veal per person, per year.

  17. There are around 8,594 dairy farms in Australia.

  18. Dairy farmers produce 9,102 million litres of whole milk per year.

  19. Australians consume an average of 12.9kg of cheese, 7.1kg of yoghurt and 102.4 litres of market milk per person, per year.

  20. Last year in Australia 40,281,000 tonne of coarse grain was produced, covering 19,283,000 hectares of land.

  21. On average there are 10,705 specialised sheep farms in Australia.


  22. Last year Australia produced 574,310 tonne (carcase weight) of sheep meat.

  23. Australians consume an average of 11.2 kg of mutton and lamb per person.

  24. Australia produces an average of 368,300 tonnes of wool (greasy) a year.

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