Becoming a host

IRE Agricultural Worldwide work offers placements across the following industries dependent upon the level of experience and training of each trainee.

Placement categories:

Agriculture broad-acre cropping (wheat, barley, canola, lupins, oats, peas),
some irrigated cropping, dairy, sheep, pigs, beef, station placements.
Horticulture nursery, cut flowers, fruit orchard, vegetables and tropical fruit
Agri-Mix working inside the home and out on the farm.
Equine breeding studs
Apiary Queen bee and honey production

The main purpose of the IRE Agricultural Worldwide Special Program is to help young people achieve agricultural experience in another country.

Our Program is intended to allow participants to gain knowledge and to learn different agricultural ways, especially new or different practices of agriculture to that of their home country.

Participants in the IRE Program must meet the following requirements:

  • Single and aged between 18 and 30.
  • Have at least one years experience in their area of placement choice, have been studying in their chosen field or from a farming background.
  • Be able to understand and communicate in English well.
  • Hold a current drivers license for at least a year and have an international driving permit.
  • Be fit and healthy.
  • Commit to a placement for 3 to 12 months.

To provide its specialised rural exchange, IRE depend upon the commitment of host families, farms, nurseries, wineries and agricultural enterprises and colleges worldwide.

IRE Agricultural Worldwide seeks keen hosts (family or corporate) to provide trainees with:

  • A worthwhile training experience by providing a variety of learning tasks.
  • An involvement in family and community activities.
  • Encouragement and assistance to improve their language skills where English is not a trainee's first language.
  • Suitable food and accommodation, including a separate bedroom or detached accommodation.

Intake for trainees are three times a year - March, July and September


  • You will need to pay a membership fee of $55, this is an ongoing yearly membership. A Placement Advice will be completed with details of your property, farming operation and duties for trainees. The membership entitles you to receive trainees, updates and newsletters.
  • For each trainee we place with you there is a placement levy of $385. This is regardless of if trainees stay with you for 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Our trainee's enter Australia on a 408 visa. This is valid for up to 13 months. Trainees are paid the minimum award rate dependant on state and business. They are employed for a minimum 38 hour working week and overtime is paid on extra hours worked.
  • If we know that you require a trainee we will forward through some trainee applications that we think may appeal to you eg. some hosts like certain nationalities. It is up to you if you choose to host the trainees, sometimes we may have to keep looking until you find a trainee that you wish to host.
  • IRE lodge visa applications with Immigration.
  • After the trainee’s visa is granted, trainees will organise their flights and prepare to travel to Australia.  We will advise you once we have received flights so you can arrange pick-up or alternative travel arrangements from the airport.


Trainees will be engaged as full time employees under the minimum appropriate award.

The ordinary hours of work shall be a minimum of 38 hours at the weekly hire wage depending on your business and State.

Weekly hours of work will be by agreement between hosts and trainee however trainees must receive one full day off per week. Overtime will be required and will be remunerated at the award rate.

Hosts shall keep a wages record with personal trainee information, hours worked, wages and allowances paid and deductions made. A pay slip will be provided to trainees each week and wages will be paid by cheque or direct deposit into the trainee's bank account. All public holidays must be allowed as holidays without loss of pay. If work is required, ordinary rates of pay apply.

The IRE minimum allowance for a 38 hour week is $17.70 per hour which totals $672.60. Out of this tax will be deducted at approximately 19% (check your weekly tax table) ($127.80) and then board and food (approximately $200 per week depending on your host situation and whether or not you are supplying your trainee's meals). This is based on only $17.70 per hour-you must check your relevant minimum award rate for your state and business. Trainees to be paid for their overtime.

Each State in Australia has a different wage system depending on their business, so wages may be higher in some States than others.

Where hosts provide suitable accommodation and a reasonable supply and standard of food during the working week (preferred by IRE), the host will make a deduction from trainee wages of $200 (this being $100 for board and $100 for meals).

For example Minimum hourly wage is $17.70
  38 hours @ $17.70 = $672.60
less TAX - $127.80 (19%)
   = $544.80
less food & board - $200.00
  TOTAL $344.80

All trainees that are here on the 408 Temporary Activity Visa for more than 183 days are classed as residents for tax purposes, therefore they are taxed at the same rate as Australians (19%).   Our tax system is in the process of being changed for non-residents so the tax rate will change once this has been implemented (We will advise once this has officially changed).  At this time if they are employed for LESS THAN 183 DAYS –  they will be taxed at a higher rate.  

Upon leaving Australia, trainee's will receive 'a portion' of this tax money back. Contrary to what many trainee's believe, they do not receive ALL THEIR TAX MONEY BACK.   If under 183 days, then they may not receive any tax money back. 


Holidays should be taken at a time agreed by both the host and trainee.

Paid Holiday time will accrue weekly at a rate of 2.923 hours per completed week of service.

Before taking holidays, trainees will be paid the wages they would have received in respect of the ordinary time he or she would have worked should they not have been on leave in the relevant period.

Trainees are entitled to be paid their unused leave.

Absence through sickness through such ill health or injury shall be limited to five days within the first year service.


As per Government regulations, all hosts must make superannuation contributions at least quarterly to an approved fund of the Trainees choice. Contribution rate is 9.50% of the ordinary earning base ie: 38 hours.


Approximately 4 – 8 weeks after arrival a supervisor will be in contact with trainees and hosts. You will be given contact details of the supervisor for your area and if there are any problems or concerns you are urged to contact them or the National Co-ordinator.


Trainees take out their own medical/travel insurance. It is the host's responsibility to ensure they have adequate worker's compensation for employees.

Inside Australia Phone Numbers

Going Overseas: 1800 815 123

Host and trainees: 1300 730 737

General: 08 9064 7411


Outside Australia Phone Numbers

Phone: +61 8 9064 7411

Fax: +61 8 9064 7422


Postal Address

PO Box 92


WA 6369


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