To ensure IRE and its overseas partners continue to operate a specialised rural exchange, we depend upon the commitment of host families, farms, nurseries, agricultural enterprises and colleges worldwide.

IRE seeks keen hosts (family or corporate) to provide trainees with

  • A worthwhile training experience by providing a variety of learning tasks
  • An involvement in family and community activities
  • Encouragement and assistance to improve their language skills where English is not a trainee's first language
  • Suitable food and accommodation, including a separate bedroom, detached accommodation or separate residence
  • A training allowance set by the State requirement, plus board and keep (some circumstance may differ)

If you are not yet a host and wish to become one you can fill out the IRE host application form online and you will then be contacted by IRE.

We require a Placement Advice for each host.  The Placement Advice aims to give trainee's and their families a summary of where they are going.  It contains details taken from your host application, accommodation, operation, equipment, expected duties, and location.  The more information we have on your placement the better.  We ask that between IRE and Hosts we ensure to keep the Placement Advice as up to date as possible as it keeps both trainees, their families and hosts happy as they know what to expect.  As a host we would like you to update your Placement Advice on a regular basis.

Our intakes our generally March, July and September as we find this fits in with the Australian farming system.  Some trainees may arrive out of these dates and this depends on the needs of the host and trainees.

Before being accepted, trainees are carefully screened for their practical experience and/or level of training with several applicants being sent to the hosts for them to choose who they think would best suit their business.  Care is taken in matching up the needs and personalities of both the trainee and hosts in the placement process with several applicants being sent to hosts.

Once a placement is confirmed by both host and trainee we then start the visa process.  We keep hosts informed of the progress of the application and then once the visa is granted we liaise with hosts regarding flights into Australia.

To host a trainee you can contact us in the office or fill out the placement offer online.

IRE has several supervisors working all over Australia to ensure we are fully aware of how each placement is going. Should you need to contact a supervisor there is a placement list of every trainee in Australia along with their supervisors.  This will be sent to you on your trainee's arrival.  A supervisor usually contacts both hosts and trainees approximately 4 weeks after arriving to assist them with any queries or problems they may have.  This is an integral part of our program.  Many very small problems are solved by either a host or trainee talking with their supervisor.

Inside Australia Phone Numbers

Going Overseas: 1800 815 123

Host and trainees: 1300 730 737

General: 08 9064 7411


Outside Australia Phone Numbers

Phone: +61 8 9064 7411

Fax: +61 8 9064 7422


Postal Address

PO Box 92


WA 6369


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