Meet the Team

Narelle Vaughan | IRE National Co-ordinator

narelleI grew up on a farm in the Upper Great Southern town of Wickepin  Western Australia where my family owned a sheep/cropping farm.  After doing my schooling in Perth I returned to the country after working in the city for 2 years.  My husband and I were involved in the agricultural sector in Wickepin for 10 years, running our own business.  During this time, we became  involved in the hospitality industry and did this for 10 years also.  I have had the pleasure of employing hundred’s of working/holiday visa holders during our time in business, so are more than aware of the cultural differences between Australia and other nationalities.

We now live in Narembeen with our daughter,  where the IRE Office is run and divide our time between here and Mandurah.

Ashleigh Hunter | IRE Office

ashleighI started working with IRE in 2011 and I work in the office  full-time with Narelle. I am originally from England but came to Australia in 2010 as a backpacker and never left.  I came to Narembeen in late 2010 and I love living here and working for  IRE.

IRE is amazing and I wish I was from an agricultural background so I could have taken part in the program!! I love coming to work and experiencing the job satisfaction when I hear about the trainees/hosts and their experiences!!

Inside Australia Phone Numbers

Going Overseas: 1800 815 123

Host and trainees: 1300 730 737

General: 08 9064 7411


Outside Australia Phone Numbers

Phone: +61 8 9064 7411

Fax: +61 8 9064 7422


Postal Address

PO Box 92


WA 6369


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